Water Polo

Fundamentals of Water Polo

Fundamentals of Water Polo is a water polo class for boys and girls ages 10-15. Only those students who have been invited up from the Polo Buddies class will be allowed to take the Fundamentals of Water Polo Class. This course will build on the skills learned in the Polo Buddies class, namely eggbeater (treading water), head up and head down freestyle, backstroke, ball handling skills, and passing technique. This class will encourage teamwork, good character, and having fun learning a great sport. Students will need to bring goggles. Girls must wear one piece suits, and boys must wear speedos or jammers, no board shorts. Students can only attend the Fundamentals class in which they are signed up. There are no makeups.  Prerequisite: Invite from Polo Buddies.

Polo Buddies

Polo Buddies is a beginner level water polo class for boys and girls, ages 8 – 15.  All students interested in the water polo programs at Splash must begin with Polo Buddies. In a Polo Buddies class students receive more individual instruction, and no student gets left behind. In Polo Buddies students will learn eggbeater (treading water), head up and head down freestyle, dribbling, ball handling, and proper passing technique. This class is perfect for any child and is also an inclusive class for kids with ADHD (ADD), Asperger’s, anxiety, or muscle coordination issues.  Students must be able to follow verbal directions, work in groups of 3 to 4, and must be safe in deep water. Polo Buddies is a group class, it is not designed for students who may need their own instructor. For those with severe autism, or students who require private lessons, please check out the adaptive swim classes at Splash. For more information please contact Coach David Farkas at davidfarkas@mac.com.


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